About Key Home Inspection

Purchasing a home may be the most important investment you will make. Don’t leave it to chance; protect your investment by having a home inspection performed by Key Home Inspection.

Having a home inspection performed is a mandatory step in the home-buying process. You must do everything within your power to guarantee when you are purchasing a home, there are no hidden after-closing costs or problematic areas the seller failed to disclose. Key Home Inspection is the right choice for all home inspection needs throughout the Portland-Vancouver area.

With over a decade of experience, Ken has the background and insight to thoroughly inspect a property and give a detailed report regarding any found issues. From weathered roofing issues to hidden flaws in the foundation, he will inspect each building from top to bottom in order to find any potential issues or sign off on a clean bill of health.

With over 10,000 home inspections under our belt, we discover problems less-experienced inspectors miss. We climb roofs, squeeze through tight crawl spaces, and use leading edge technology to guarantee you get an accurate and quality home inspection.

Home Inspection Insight

The role of the home inspector goes beyond just the inspection itself. Ken provides insider knowledge and a learning experience from which any questions you may have can be answered directly. You will acquire knowledge into the ins and outs of your home in regards to maintenance and energy saving opportunities. You are encouraged to accompany during the inspection.

Impartial and Objective Evaluations

We work for you to provide an objective, complete, and comprehensive home analysis to understand and protect your investment when we inspect a property. From beginning to end, we provide a fair and impartial service to give you the clearest picture possible. Home inspections are our expertise and providing accurate evaluations are in our best interest.

Key Home Inspection Process

An Inspection is integral to the home purchasing process.