Going Above and Beyond

Key Home Inspection goes beyond the licensing requirements of Oregon:

  • We walk roofs and carry 22 ft. ladders to every inspection. Other inspection services will avoid roofs and evaluate from the ground to avoid working hazards.
  • We enter tight crawl spaces while others will view from the access point to assess.
  • We inspect the common spaces of condos four stories and less. We believe inspections of common areas are important because the most expensive problems stem from there. Others often forego common spaces entirely.
  • While both Oregon and national regulation dictates testing is only required of a “representative sample”,  we understand the importance of testing every accessible interior component. We have been in the business long enough to know the window you don’t open or the untested outlet is the one with the problem.
  • Our service continues beyond the report itself. Questions you have now or in the future, reviewing competing bids and documents about repairs made are all included.


With over 30 years of construction experience and 13 years doing home inspections, there is no issue we find that I have not built, remodeled, repaired, or installed at one time or another.  I know how things in your home are built and I know what it takes to repair them.


The Oregon CCB requires 30 continuing education units every 2 years. We double that by completing 30 units every year! It’s not because we have to, it’s because we want to. In fact, we have been getting our credits every year long before they were required by the state.

We believe in staying on top of emerging issues and the solutions to those issues as well as new technologies to make our job easier.


Houses are not infallible. The average issues in a single family home inspection range from 10 to 30. Due to the speed at which the process goes, buyers need to make quick decisions on which (if any) issues should be addressed by the seller. Sellers will rarely address every issue and the process can become overwhelming.

Our inspection report is tailored to address the unique issues of each home inspection and the wants and needs of the client.

An Inspection is integral to the home purchasing process.