Why Choose Key Home Inspections?

Key Home inspection goes above and beyond the minimum standard of the Oregon Home Inspector Standards of Practice. We consider the interconnected nature of a home and take the whole into account to provide an accurate and precise evaluation of the home. We use cutting edge technology and keep up-to-date in our knowledge of Building Sciences through yearly education.

Key Home deploys innovative and cutting-edge technology for all aspects of the inspection, including:

  • Thermal and infrared camera imaging to detect minute temperature variance that may indicate hidden moisture, energy leaking, or missing/deteriorating insulation
  • Capacitance/conductance moisture meters for detecting hidden water and moisture that may not have been disclosed
  • Radon detection equipment
Home inspection technologu

Our Home Inspection Process

When we do a home inspection, we inspect the entirety of your home from top to bottom in search of things that will affect the structural integrity of the home, health, and safety of the residents:

  • Defects in building structure
  • Faulty electrical installations, retrofits, and wiring
  • Plumbing issues
  • Combustion safety
  • Indoor air quality
  • Moisture intrusion
  • Mold
  • and more

The Report

The home inspection report is the most important tool for the client. We craft up a usable report that arms the client with accurate and detailed information that can be used to make an informed decision regarding the home in question.

Clients receive a comprehensive report that highlights both large issues and smaller problems found during the inspection. Recommended actions to take either to mitigate the issue or resolve the problem entirely will be noted for each.

  • We gather up to 4 times as much usable, easy to read data as most other home inspection reports
  • Solutions to problem areas will be suggested when available
  • Full color photo documentation for all possible issues in your home, highlighting each problem area
  • Additional information specific to the home that can increase longevity and performance.

An Inspection is integral to the home purchasing process.