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Certified Home Inspections

When buying or selling a home in Oregon, it is crucial to have a quality home inspection. A quality home inspection gives you an idea of what needs to be fixed.


It is essential to have a certified home inspector do the inspection. To be clear a certified home inspector has been trained to inspect homes and will know what to look for. Ensure you get a copy of the inspection report to refer to when making repairs or negotiating with the seller.


A home inspection enables you to make a more informed choice regarding the house you’re thinking about purchasing. A home inspector can spot any problems and give you a clearer picture of the property’s expected continuing maintenance needs. An advanced home inspection can prevent thousands of dollars in unanticipated repairs when buying a home.


Finding problems with the home itself is the aim of a home inspection. Inspectors won’t advise you on the property’s sale price or tell you if you’re getting a fair bargain. At Key Home Inspection, we will ensure you receive the absolute best quality of service you can find in Portland, Beaverton, and surrounding areas of Oregon.

How long do home inspections take?

According to 4U Inspection Services, a pre-purchase home inspection takes between two and three hours. Now it all depends on the size of the home. For example, a 1000-square foot home could be inspected in just an hour and a half. Of course, I do my best to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible, but one thing I won’t do is rush it. I will make sure your home inspection gets done accurately and effectively.


Home Inspector Insider says you can add a half-hour to your examination time for every 500 square feet of space. When estimating how long the inspection will take, consider the inspector’s experience.

I am a seasoned professional familiar with the Portland and Beaverton areas. I know what to look for in houses based on age and how to access systems that may be more difficult to reach.

How much do home inspections cost?

The cost of the inspection will vary depending on the homes size. Home inspections cost $300 to $500 or more on average. The home inspector is often paid at the time of the service, unlike many other closing charges.

I am a seasoned professional familiar with the Portland and Beaverton areas. I know what to look for in houses based on age and how to access systems that may be more difficult to reach. Our home pro inspections could take longer depending on the home’s age, size, and accessibility.


However, you might also be curious about how long it takes for an inspection report to be completed. Thankfully, this doesn’t vary all that much with a property. Reports are typically available within 1-2 days after inspection services. At that point, repairs and renegotiations can begin.

What Does a Buyer’s Home Inspection Include:

I’m a qualified home inspector you can trust. I know what to look for in each home component. To better comprehend the degree of the damage, you can ask questions if you know what the inspector is looking for. This is a checklist that provides a basic summary of what I look for while inspecting a home:

  • Grounds And Exterior Structure
  • Basement
  • Attic
  • Interior Rooms
  • Electrical Systems
Home Inspection Services


Home Inspection Services


Certified Home Inspections service


How Does A Seller’s Pre-Inspection Work?

The inspector will look at the house’s condition during the preliminary inspection. This person will examine the home’s systems and look for any damage. The inspector will check the home’s vital components, such as:

  • The exterior of the house
  • The framework, support, and structure
  • The basement, doors, ceilings, and windows
  • Plumbing and the electrical system


After the inspection you’ll get a report with recommendations. At that point, you can address any home-related problems. Click here on buyer’s home inspection to learn more.