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A little background on your home Inspector Ken

If your looking for a Home Inspector in Portland Oregon Ken’s your guy. Ken was born and raised in the Portland metro area. He grew up in the construction world as his father was a contractor and remodeler. After working several years with his father building homes, he worked in the property management field for seven years before starting his own construction company in 2006.


As a general contractor, Ken and his crew completed hundreds of construction and remodeling jobs, from decks and siding, bath and kitchen remodeling to basement conversions adding ADUs to people’s homes. Ken specializes in older homes and the unique issues they present.


Every issue he calls out during an inspection, he has built, remodeled, repaired, or installed at one time or another. His deep knowledge of home construction makes him the best choice as your home inspector.

Ken has been inspecting homes since 2005 and has performed over 10,000 inspections. He is a member of ASHI (The American Society of Home Inspectors), and his inspections exceed the Standards of Practice of ASHI and the state of Oregon and Washington Standards of Practice.

Going Above and Beyond

Key Home Inspection goes beyond the licensing requirements of Oregon.

Ken walks roofs and carries 22 ft. ladders to every inspection. Other inspection services will avoid roofs and evaluate from the ground to avoid work hazards. Your inspector enters tight crawl spaces while others will view from the access point to evaluate.


We inspect the common spaces of condos four stories and less. Ken believes inspections of common areas are necessary because the most expensive problems stem from there. Others often forego common spaces entirely.


Both Oregon and national regulations dictate testing only requirements of a “representative sample”. Key Home Inspection understands the importance of testing every accessible interior component. Our company has been in the business long enough to know the window you don’t open or the untested outlet is the one with the problem.

Our service is more than just the report itself. In addition, we answer questions you have now or in the future. Reviewing competing bids and documents about repairs made are also included.

You always have a choice. Make the right one.

There are many professional home inspectors in Portland, Oregon. The home inspection is a process of evaluating the condition of a home, usually before purchase. The Home Inspector will look at the structure, foundation, roofing, insulation, plumbing, electrical, appliances, and heating and cooling systems. Obviously, a home inspection is not a warranty or insurance policy; it is a visual examination of the physical condition of the property.


Home inspection services can identify problems with a property that may not be obvious to the untrained eye. It is crucial to have an impartial third party inspect the property. More or less, this is so you know what you are getting into before making an offer on a home. A good home inspector will have years of experience in the construction industry and will be able to identify potential problems with the property. 

Ken is the Home Inspector for you!

Ken from Key Home Inspection is your best bet when choosing a home inspector. He has years of experience in the field and knows what to look for during an inspection. Ken is also highly skilled and talented in his work – you can be sure that Ken will catch all problems with your home. He is honest, reliable, and truly cares about his clients. Contact Ken today to schedule your home inspection!