Home Energy Score

Energy Audit in Portland, Oregon.

What’s a Home Energy Audit?

The Home Energy Audit produces a Home Energy Score. In fact, the score is mandatory on all homes listed for sale in the city limits of Portland. Like a car’s miles-per-gallon rating, the Energy Score provides homeowners with valuable information about their home’s energy performance, in addition to recommending improvement projects that can save you money.

The Assessment is critical!

Many homebuyers don’t understand the actual cost of owning a particular home. The home energy assessment is essential. It can help buyers better understand the expected energy costs of their new home. This assessment compares the actual energy use of a home to similar homes in the same area. Furthermore this information can help buyers make wise decisions about their next home.


You can inquire about the meaning of your energy score and how to raise it after acquiring it. Although the material presented here provides further context on the energy score, we will provide a thorough home energy assessment of your home.

What is The Home Energy Score Program?

The Program was created in 2012 by the U.S. Department of Energy. This initiative aims to give owners, potential buyers, and tenants a tool to determine how energy-efficient their home is. Once they know their score, they can make adjustments to save costs and eliminate energy waste.


We will run through a checklist of energy-related assets to determine your house’s energy score. Based on these discoveries, they later put together a home energy report.

Home Energy Efficiency assessment.

A Home Energy Efficiency Assessment is a must-have. Three sections make up your Home Energy report: the actual Score, information on your home and anticipated energy use, and suggestions for raising the Score.


Based on national average installation charges and state average utility rates, recommendations that come with the Score could pay for themselves in ten years or less. Assessors may make alternative or additional suggestions considering regional discounts or other incentives.

Share the Score When Selling Your Home

It just makes sense to share your Score when selling your home. Energy Scores are being incorporated into the real estate market more frequently.


Don’t forget to ask your real estate agent to advertise your home’s Score on regional MLS if you plan to sell your house. Additionally, make an informed choice when purchasing a home. Be sure to enquire about the Energy Score of each property you look at.


The “Score with Improvements” displays your home’s Score after implementing all the suggestions. The most sensible renovations for your house and neighborhood will be those that the Assessor thinks are best.


At Key Home Inspection, we will give you a professional, detailed Home Energy Assessment. You can rest assured that we will cross every T. and dot every I. We are highly confident that you will be extremely impressed with the quality of our Energy Assessment.