Sellers Pre-Home


Pre Listing Inspection

If your putting your home on the market, taking the necessary steps for a smooth and successful sale is essential. One of those critical steps is a pre-listing home inspection. Many sellers do a pre-home inspection before putting their home on the market.


This allows them to take care of any repairs or maintenance issues they may need before listing their home. The pre-listing inspection can help you better understand your home’s worth.


A pre-listing home inspection can also help buyers feel more confident in purchasing a home. Knowing the property has been taken care of can put your mind at ease. If you are considering putting your home on the market, consider having a pre-listing home inspection done.

What is a “Pre-Listing Home Inspection”? 

A seller’s pre-home inspection is a home inspection that is done before a home is listed for sale. This inspection can help the seller identify potential problems with their house so they can fix them before they list the home. It can also help buyers know what to expect before buying the home. 


There are two types of seller’s pre-home inspections: the listing and the pre-listing home inspections. The listing inspection is an inspection that the listing agent does and is usually just a basic overview of the home. The pre-listing home inspection is an in-depth inspection that a professional inspector does.


Some people choose to do a pre-listing home inspection even if their home has no major problems because it can help them identify any minor issues they may not have noticed.

What happens during the pre-listing home inspection?

This thorough, itemized analysis evaluates the state of the house’s systems, finds degradation, and offers suggestions. A buyer’s due diligence includes having the home inspected to ensure the significant systems are in working order and that there are no severe, expensive flaws that the seller is unaware of.


Some sellers choose to have a full home inspection done, while others opt for a more limited version that focuses on specific areas of concern. Some of the basics that we look at are,

  • Exterior
  • Structure: Foundation and framing
  • Interior: Windows, doors, ceilings, walls, floors, attic, and basement
  • Plumbing and electrical systems

The Pre-Listing Home Inspection just makes sense.

When you have a contract and are about to close, it is the worst to find out about a significant issue, such as a foundation issue. There can be unseen issues present in the home. A home seller might request a pre-inspection to prevent unforeseen problems from jeopardizing a sale.


This can be an excellent option when selling an older home you’ve lived in for a while. A pre-inspection can find issues and provide you the opportunity to fix them. A “clean bill of health” and the fact that the vendors are being truthful about the condition are further selling points.


When pricing your home, a pre-inspection is an excellent choice. Agents urge purchasers to engage a professional home inspector to look at the property even though many jurisdictions require sellers to disclose the property’s condition to buyers.


The buyer’s lender frequently demands home inspections. At Key Home Inspection, we take pride in our expertise and transparency during your inspection. For more information on pre-listing inspections check out this article on Bankrate. Call us today and we will get you a quote!