One year warranty

One Year Home Warranty Inspection

A one-year home warranty inspection is a great way to protect your home and investment. We can inspect your home every year to catch any potential problems before they become costly and difficult to fix.


Many homeowners choose to forgo a one-year home warranty inspection. Most think their home is in good condition and doesn’t need it. However, this is not always the case. Problems such as water damage, structural damage, electrical issues, and HVAC system failures can occur in any home. No matter how well it’s maintained, issues can arise.


A one-year home warranty inspection will help you identify any potential problems with your home before they become expensive and time-consuming to fix. It’s also great for ensuring that your warranties are still valid.


Manny issues found early on will be corrected promptly by the builder. However, some problems take time to appear as the house settles and appliances wear. There also may be issues that get overlooked by an untrained eye.


Before your one-year warranty expires, get an inspection done on your new home. You should have a one-year warranty inspection done at 11 months. The inspection helps ensure your builder makes the necessary repairs and double-checks previous fixes done by the builder.

What are One Year Warranty Inspections?

One Year Warranty Inspections are a final check before the builder’s warranty expires. We recommend it at the 11-month mark. The guarantee may be extended in specific circumstances. Often previously undiscovered flaws are found.


You might believe everything is great. However, Key Home Inspection will notice details that many homeowners miss. There are several critical reasons, you should make sure a pro inspects your home:


  • The Home Warranty Frequently Covers Required Repairs: Waiting a few months or even a few weeks could lead to the expiration of your guarantee and the exclusion of repairs from the one-year new home warranty inspection.
  • It’s economical: Many different sorts of home repairs can be costly. Examples of issues that could cost thousands of dollars to solve include foundation, roof, and septic tank repairs.
  • Regular Homeowners Miss Things That A Trained Inspector Will Observe: People frequently miss structural flaws, roof fractures, and insufficient insulation while evaluating their homes on their own. We don’t.

What exactly does this inspection cover?

Typically, we will check the efficiency of the plumbing, septic, and appliance systems. Additionally, they will search the house for potential safety threats like damaged electrical wiring or drainage issues. As long as they’re accessible, the following areas are on our checklist:

  • Foundation & Drainage: The foundation and the surrounding drainage area. We search for things like cracks and drainage issues.
  • Fireplaces and Decks: A home inspector will want to look at any fireplaces and decks in your house. They will search for leaks, cracks, and bowing deck wood.
  • Major Appliances: Items include ovens, stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, dryer vents, and garage door openers. You might check the dishwasher for leaks and ensure the oven doesn’t heat up too quickly.
  • Faucets, laundry connections, water heaters, and external hoses are all part of the plumbing system. Additionally, we inspect for any drops or spills.
  • Ken will want to look at the panel and sub-panel boxes for electrical work. Included are switches, fuses, most outlets, and breakers.
  • Flooring and Lighting: The inspection includes any cracks or gaps between the floors and the walls, if the feet are level and if there are any exposed nails. Along each wall, we also check the windows.
  • When it is available and safe, we check the roof during an inspection.

Why Schedule a one-year home warranty inspection?

Utilizing the One-Year Warranty Inspection your builder provides will ensure that your home is in tip-top shape. In addition, the contractor will correct anything identified during the inspection, for free or at a lower rate. You are responsible for paying for repairs if you decide to let your warranty lapse.


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